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 The Best! 

Joseph Child

 Outstanding group! Chatham and I look forward to attending this meet-up monthly and network with other local REI’s. 

Sarah McMillen

 Great. Full of lots of useful information. 


 The best investors group I’ve been to so far! I wonderful that president gets the benefit of collaboration with one another. It only makes sense. 


 I like that you are featuring more DC properties 

Debbie Sholl

 Every time I’ve been in attendance I’ve learned something or at least got my creativity supercharged. Always a pleasure to be around motivated people who are willing to help one another. 


 Excellent organization that is intent on educating and improving ones knowledge and skills about real estate investing starting from the beginner to the seasoned professional. 

Ron Wilson

 I finally was able to attend this meetup. Great information and very timely with the upcoming Tax Sales in the area over the next few months. I really liked the contrast yet complimentary presentation between Anthony and Ned. Look forward to becoming a regular. 

L Green

 Very informative and professional. 


 I am a master HVAC contractor who works with rehabbers and investors. On the path to become an investor. I learned a lot in this meeting and will be at the meetings every month. 

Shijun Zhang


L. Napoleon Cooper

 The BWI Real Estate meetup organizers can read my mind. They are always touching on the points that investors want to hear and expanding to share MORE information in MORE ways. Most importantly the topics are about REAL investors’ practices and experiences, not some theory about how investing should work. You go boys! 

Kay Morris

 A great group to be associated with. 

Wally Smith

 Great venue and great people. The meeting was a little bit on the longer side. I suspect that was because they were trying to pack so much information into this one meeting. The technical difficulties didn’t help the time of the meeting either. 

Dominic Jones

 as a first time attendee – people were nice – overall program was good – just thought the order of the meeting could have been change a little bit 

Chuck Lurie

 One of the most inspiring meetings I’ve been to in my 30 year career! 


 It was great. I plan on attending next month 

Jason D

 This is my 2nd meeting; more powerful than last month. Just keep on giving… 

Cleveland S.

 Great! Can’t wait until future meetings 

Darrin Smith

 Very positive group that provides quality information. They provide a platform for networking and are genuine with their interest in helping others achieve their goals. 

kia barone

 As mentioned earlier this meetup is great. This meetup allows you to network with people who share similar interests. 


 Its a great meetup with lots of friendly members willing to share information. Meetups are a great concept. 

Bob Burkhard

 It is a great place to network and learn. 

Renee Snyder

 Definitely worth attending 


 Great environment, great culture of sharing and paying it forward throughout the room which makes it a pleasant place to learn, earn, and return together. 

Jayson Stone



 Was my very first meeting. Room was packed, information was great & EXCELLENT networking opportunities -See you next month! 

Bryan Sav

 Loved it. 

Mindy Wang

 I attended this meeting for the first time last month and can only say good things about the meeting. One of the group leaders, Kenny, is a wealth of information for the new and existing investor…Kenny’s energy for wanting to help others is infectious. I look forward to next months meeting. See everyone next month. Stay positive and keep looking for those Real estate deals, belief me they are out there!! 


 Outstanding information and networking. 

Clifton McKnight


Antwan Davis

 We have been very quiet, but have attended 3/4 of the past meetings. We have met many great individuals. Currently working with some members on several deals. We are looking forward to working with others very soon. See you on Wednesday evening. 

Clark Jarman

 Wonderful group of entrepreneurs, very fruitful networking. 

Nancy Roth

 It was very good. 

stan hoyes

 Very friendly and willing to help 

Angela Williams

 Just like Kenneth says… All the information we need is right in that meeting room. Awesome!! 

Shirley Schneider

 This was my first time and I was thoroughly impressed! The group as a whole seems very open and willing to share their expertise, knowledge and experience without hesitation. The information shared seems relevant, timely and applicable. I look forward to growing with this amazing group! 


 great people and much knowledge was shared, I am very glad I went 

Gernot Ritzau

 Excellent group. 

Edward Cotter

 great 100% content once again. Looking forward to seeing what possible topics are discussed in 2014 (creative financing would be interesting!) 


 I will be back every month! You never know maybe one day I will be one of the speakers or at least that is what I aspire to be. 

Cheryl Pinder



 Excellent and very knowledgeable group that is willing to share their wealth of knowledge. 

Ron Gurnsey

 Valuable information and great networking opportunities. Thank you! 


 Great! Will be back. Good to see so many people with similar goals in one place. 



Bill Schwab

 I am learning and enjoying so much from these meetings — keep upthe good work everyone. I will see you at the TOP! 

Georgia E. Hampton

 great to be there and see a bunch of motivated people 

Mimmo La Marra


Thomas Ryles Jr., Assoc. Broker

 Great opportunity to learn and network! 

Javon Dixo

 great forum to meet real estate investors 

Viv Mureithi

 I am happy that Bill and Kenneth came up with this great initiative by bringing everyone together creating the perfect synergy where you can build your power team. 


 A lot of great information shared 

Matheno Howell-Bey

 This was my first visit. It was friendly group of people, that seemed to have a sincere interest in creating relationships with like minded people for real estate investing. The event organizers did a great job making everyone feel welcome, and encouraged us to share or participate. The evenings guest speaker, Corey Brown of C. Brown Properties was friendly and informative. Overall, this is was a great experience, and I look forward to the next meeting. 

Rob Allen

 The networking is awesome. Everybody is willing to share their experiences and skills 


 This is a good group of folks who are enthusiastic about real estate. My husband and I learned a lot at our first meeting. Great to meet everybody. 

Janet Whitney

 Excellent – see comments above. 


 Great Meeting Thanks for hosting!!! 

Michael Eskinazi

 Feedback for 3/13/13 meetup- Appreciate the shared resources on all levels- business and real estate; as always great discussion and knowlege share. 

Jessica Dolbec

 People in this group are knowledgeable and friendly. 

Julie Sullivan

 I can’t even express in words how great this meeting was! I appreciate the opportunity to be involved in such a great meeting! We’ve obtained plenty of information and some really good solid network contacts! Thank You Bill and Ken! I look forward to seeing you at the next group meeting! Priority Property Solutions LLC (Wholesaler) 

Everson Travers Jr.

 Very knowledgeable, welcoming, and diverse. Highly recommend to new and experienced professionals, there’s definitely something for everyone. 

Amy Titus

 Very informative great group 

terrance knox

 Thoroughly spectacular! 



Barry Levy

 There was a good mixture of new and experienced participants asking good questions. I hope that everyone understands that when they can’t buy or sell a property that they have call UncleAndy for plan “B”. Go to www.RealEstateAuctionAgent.com to learn how I do what I do for FREE. 

Andrew Buettner

 The meeting last night was amazing and both kenny and bill were very knowledgeable about the business and willing to help anyone with questions. They were approachable and made the meeting very interesting adn fun. I can not wait for the next one. 

isha kamara

 Bill Ames was an excellent facilitator and he, along with the presenter, educated the attendees well while also making them feel comfortable. 

Nathaniel Czarnota

 I will attend AS MANY of the meetups with this group as I possibly can. Very Knowledgable and motivational group. Si gladI attended. 

Javita Douglas

 Will be attending upcoming meetings. 

Rose Botchway

 great group 


 Looking forward to next month. 


 This is a great place to network! 

Manish Vora

 Good people who are very interested in building wealth. Great networking. 

Vernon Uzzell

 Looked like a great group for investors and for people to learn investing. 

Dennis Herndon

 Very nice. alooking forward to the next meetup. 


 This was the first meeting I’ve attended and I really enjoyed it. You make a person feel comfortable and wanted. I look forward to attending more meetings and joining your bird dogging program. I began networking with other investors and got a lot of really great information and advice. 

Ted Washington

 One of the best meetup groups I’ve been to so far. Made a lot of contacts and met people who shared my ideas. 

Chris Jaffier

 This group seems to have a lot of motivated members. 

Ozie Jackson

 Others should join this meet up because it’s informative and helpful, the people are courteous, the time and place are convenient 

Sharon Garrett

 As long as everybody freely shares information and is willing to help others we are going to rock and roll, prosper, become really good friends, partners and professionals together! It is very informative. 

Tricia Kpangni

 Great! This is one meetup that I am active in. 


 Great group of people, look forward to sharing ideas and future business with them 

Jeff Taylor

 I enjoyed meeting the other like-minded individuals and I look forward to meeting and possibly doing business with them in the near future. 

Kenneth Lee