1st Monday Mixer | Monday, February 5th | RSVP Now --- meetup.com/bwimeetup

BWI Monthly Meetup

You pass through the hotel lobby, enter the corridor and turn the corner.  At that moment you feel something different – there is a buzz in the air, an energy that you know is right. You are greeted at the Concierge Table if you are a new attendee, or at the Sign-In Table if you are an existing Member.  Immediately you know that you will be cared for, assisted and pointed in the right direction.  You enter the Meetup room and it’s alive with conversation. We have heard from many attendees that even though it can be intimidating to enter a room of 100+ strangers, there is a different feeling in this room. You feel welcome. People are networking everywhere and you are comfortable…drawn in.  This is the BWI Meetup!

The success of the BWI Meetup starts with our commitment to putting Members’ needs first. Everything we do is geared toward helping you build, manage, and grow your business. We are driven by our mission to provide the most comprehensive real estate investment education and training, along with the most innovative tools and resources available. Our guest speakers are the most informed presenters, whether locally or nationally acclaimed. We carefully vet and select each speaker based on experience level and shared values. Everyone we invite comes to share their knowledge, best practices, and the tools and resources most relevant to TODAY’S real estate market – period!